The 5 best Theragun alternatives in 2022

The 5 best Theragun alternatives in 2022

We are constantly exposed to different stressors brought by our daily lifestyles. Due to these stressors, we often suffer from sore and irritated muscles. Aside from stress, soreness and irritation might be caused by heavy lifting, tension, and minor injuries.

If you are currently suffering from sore and irritated muscles, yet you don't have the means to buy Theragun, tag along as we unravel the best theragun alternatives in 2022!

What is a massage gun?

Massage guns are handheld devices that produce vibration and deep oscillation to massage and help relax irritated muscles. One of the well-known examples of this is the Theragun, a massage gun known for being a cutting-edge wellness technology it will allow you to recover faster from your sore muscles. But there are also Theragun alternatives that are less expensive.

Who should use massage guns?

Massage guns are designed to be used by anyone suffering from sore and irritated muscles. Massage guns are popular among athletes and physically active people since their daily activity and training are responsible for giving them sore muscles. But that doesn't mean that not everyone can use massage guns. Since sore and irritated muscles are caused by stress, many individuals can significantly benefit from using them.

Theragun Alternatives

Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic

Massage Gun Pro Basic is an Ansu Fati Recommended due to it being a powerfully quiet, professional-grade percussion massage gun with four massage attachments. It also includes terrific features such as:

  • Instant Warm-Up
  • Strong 60W Power
  • Engineering Surface Design
  • Ulta Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • High-Frequency Vibration
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Minimalist Design
  • Three Speed Modes  


Yunmai Massage Gun Slim Chic

Massage Gun Slim Chic is a powerful massage gun with a slim handle perfect for daily and professional relief of your muscles, with four massage attachments. It also includes features such as: 

  • Double-bearing Rotating Structure
  • Three Speed Modes
  • Durable Battery Life
  • Compact Design


Yunmai Massage Gun Slim Elegant

Massage Gun Slim Elegant is a user-friendly ergonomic base massage gun made by Yunmai for the best deep tissue massage gun for your pain relief, with four massage attachments. It has promising features that will be incredibly beneficial for you, such as:

  • Five-speed modes that range between 1800-3200prm
  • Intelligent massage mode feature
  • Quick Charge keeps the power of your massage gun full as you use it.
  • Double-bearing Rotating Structure
  • Professional Fitness Model
  • 84 Days of Endurance
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Noise reduction technology


    Yunmai Massage Gun Cosy Care (Mini)

    Massage Gun Cosy Care (Mini) is the quietest mini-massage gun in an ultra-portable and charming design to relieve your pain with three massage attachments. It also has features that you will surely enjoy, such as:

    • Percussive Strength
    • Intelligent Strength Adjustment
    • 66-day Battery Life
    • Noise Reduction Technology
    • 10-minute Intelligent Protection
    • Variety of heads that you can use depending on your liking


    Yunmai Massage Gun Extra Mini

    Massage Gun Extra Mini is a portable massage gun that will take your breath away with its unique features, such as:

    • 7mm Amplitude
    • 6kg Massage Power
    • 4 Professional Silicone Massage Heads
    • Noise Reduction Technology
    • One-Button Control
    • Two-color variety

    Massage Gun Extra Mini will come out soon! Stay tuned to our website!


    What to look for in a massage gun

    Before purchasing a massage gun, there are different factors that you must consider first. These factors are

    • Power and Speed: the massage gun's power and Speed can significantly affect your results after using it. Most massage gun models offer various Speed and power settings that depend on your liking.
    • Portability: There will be instances where you would like to bring your massage gun with you. That is why the product's portability will affect your experience in using the product.
    • Design: There are massage guns in the market that can easily access difficult-to-reach body areas, allowing them to massage and relax different muscles on your body easily.
    • Warranty and reviews are other factors that you should consider. If the product suddenly malfunctions, what will happen? Is there a service center where you can ask for further assistance on your device? Another thing is the reviews; what are the testimonies of the people who currently own this specific product?

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