Who is Yunmai

As humans have evolved, so have the tools we use. Today’s technology lends a helping hand, simplifying our lives. We believe it should make our lives healthier too.

That’s why we founded Yunmai Technology in 2014 on the ethos that technology can, and should, be channeled to enhance wellness. All of our products are specifically designed to help people live healthy lives, and be in control of their fitness while improving their athletic performance. We offer tools for easy to access workouts and higher efficiency workouts, including tech for quick warm-ups, instant recovery, and precise data tracking. In other words, we use technology to help you Simplify Your Workout.

Our innovative and technology-based sports and fitness brand is designed to enhance the full process of any workout. Our first product was the Yunmai Premium, our inaugural smart scale. After its commercial and industry success, we worked tirelessly to develop new tech that prioritized health, user experience, and every step of a workout, from pre-workout warm up, to maximizing small spaces, to quick workout recovery, and new methods to track health and goals. 

Today, we have a diverse suite of fitness products for all fitness interests and levels: massage guns to help athletes warm up and recover; new iterations of smart scales to keep users on track with their health and goals; and smart cordless jump ropes and yoga mats for people who love working out at home.

Today, Yunmai products are sold in 115 countries as we continue on our mission to leverage tech to simplify fitness and help active people unlock the best version of themselves.

Our Founder - Wyatt Wang 


Founder, CEO and Chairman of Yunmai, Wyatt Wang, took an unconventional road to business success. 

Global Brand Ambassador - Ansu Fati

In April 2021, Yunmai announced its first Global Brand Ambassador for its line of massage guns, Ansu Fati. Fati is a 19-year-old professional footballer for FC Barcelona in Spain. Nicknamed “the new number 10”, Fati wears the same number as previous notable Barcelona 10s Leo Messi and Ronaldinho. The young player is already setting records, including being the youngest goalscorer in Champions League history for a winning goal against Inter Milan at the age of 17. An elite athlete on the precipice of legend-status, Fati was the perfect choice to represent Yunmai, and we’re proud to have him as a representative of Yunmai’s massage guns.