Yunmai: Why You Need It to Treat Your Muscle Knots and Soreness

Yunmai: Why You Need It to Treat Your Muscle Knots and Soreness

The body is made up of about 600 muscles that work collectively to promote movement and allow the organs to function. But while these muscles are designed to be resistant to pressure and constant use, there comes a time when you start to feel aches and pains everywhere, especially when you live an active lifestyle.

Whether you’re a fitness buff, an athlete, or just an outdoor adventurer who loves to keep moving, you’re probably familiar with muscle knots that cause tightness and soreness in a particular muscle in the body, especially the upper back or legs.

Although not life-threatening, muscle knots can make you suffer from pain and discomfort, and it could also lead to chronic pain if not treated immediately.

Understanding muscle knots and soreness

From its name, it’s easy to think that a muscle knot is caused by the twisting of your muscles, but it’s not. Muscle knots occur because of a type of spasm that causes the muscle to tense up leading to pain, tightness, and soreness.

It usually happens in the back, legs, neck, or shoulder blade, and can be quite painful and uncomfortable.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts usually experience muscle knots because of the irritation in a particular muscle due to repetitive motion. For instance, an athlete could experience muscle knots after training one muscle group for a long time.

But you can also experience muscle knots if your muscle has been in the same awkward position for an extended period, say you’re sitting at a desk or driving for a long time without any breaks.

How the Yunmai massage gun can help with muscle knots and soreness

Muscle knots can happen at any time and when it does, you’ll need a remedy that’s fast-acting and effective to ensure that your activities of daily living are not affected.

Good thing, you don’t need to go to physical therapy or endure the pain anymore because you can now invest in a professional massage gun like the Yunmai massage gun PB that’s Ansu Fati recommended and known as the most powerful percussion massage gun in the market today.

Here are some of the ways it can help with muscle knots and soreness:

  • It helps to prepare your muscles for a workout.


Going to a workout without any warmup could easily lead to muscle soreness and knots. But when you use a deep tissue massage gun like Yunmai, you just need to massage your muscles for at least 10 minutes to loosen them up and get them ready for the workout or training ahead. This helps to avoid knots, aches, and even injuries.


  • It aids with muscle recovery.


A percussion massage gun isn’t only beneficial before a workout or physical activity but also after. Making the Yunmai massage gun as part of your post-workout routine helps to improve muscle contraction where it strengthens and lengthens the muscle and fascial tissues to relieve stress and knotting.


When your muscles are relaxed and loose after a workout, it helps to eliminate any toxicity, so you can recover faster from a workout.


  • It helps with muscle rehabilitation.


Being injured can take a long time to recover and going to professional therapy sessions can be quite expensive. But when you invest in the Yunmai massage gun, it can serve as a substitute for professional injury rehabilitation because it has flexible massage gun heads that can be used to target different muscle groups to promote faster healing and recovery by preventing muscle atrophy due to disease or trauma.


Regular massages using a deep tissue massage gun also promote better blood flow, which also helps with faster muscle rehabilitation.


  • It relieves chronic pain.


A professional massage gun like Yunmai works around vibrational healing, which is a natural way to help treat the muscles without depending on other systems.


Vibrational energy is delivered to the muscles using “percussive therapy,” which stimulates blood and lymph circulation to produce oxygen and nutrients in the muscles resulting in improved range of motion, faster pain relief, and speedy recovery.


When you have a percussion massage gun, you can easily relieve muscle knotting and soreness without the need to seek professional help. This is why the Yunmai massage gun is endorsed by its ambassador Ansu Fati, a world-renowned football player who plays for FC Barcelona.


A lot of athletes and fitness enthusiasts have also invested in their own massage guns to use whenever they feel muscle soreness.


  • It promotes relaxation.


Whether you’re an athlete who trains a lot or a busy professional who spends most of your time sitting at a desk, having a professional massage gun like Yunmai is one of the easiest ways to treat yourself to a relaxing massage without spending anything.


This massage gun is equipped with a 60-watt brushless motor that delivers 3,200 strokes per minute at a depth of 12mm which helps to stimulate every muscle cell to promote utmost relaxation.


The Yunmai massage gun also operates quietly with a noise level of only 45dB, so you won’t have to be distracted by the noise whenever you’re using the gun.


You can continue to listen to your podcast, watch movies or even engage in conversations while massaging yourself or letting someone else do it for you.

The Yunmai deep tissue massage gun is truly a revolutionary product that has helped thousands of athletes, fitness professionals, outdoor people, and busy professionals deal with muscle knots and soreness.

It’s also very compact and handy, so you can bring it everywhere you go. And because you’re investing in a Yunmai product, you can guarantee that you’re using something of the best quality to last you for many years even with constant use.

So, if you’re looking to buy something that will help you deal with your muscle aches and pains or you want to give someone a professional massage gun, choose the Yunmai massage gun PB Pro because of its quality and durability.


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