Why Massage Guns Should be in Every Athlete’s Recovery Toolkit

Why Massage Guns Should be in Every Athlete’s Recovery Toolkit

Recovery is an important part of an athlete’s life. Even fitness enthusiasts doing their fitness regimen need recovery to relieve soreness and improve circulation. Without recovery, it would be hard for athletes to perform at their best and in the long run, could lead to injury.

When muscles, ligaments, and bones become overworked, this can lead to strains and worst, injury. Any athlete or sports buff would not want this nightmare to happen. Not anyone with a fitness routine or training would want to power down the whole day for a couple of days. Recovery is critical to feel and perform better.

With technological advancement, massage guns are now replacing traditional massage. Massage is now available at any time and almost everywhere through massage guns. But is worth a try? Why should you buy them?

Aside from massage guns being popular these days because of fitness influencers, celebrities, and professional athletes, there are more important reasons why massage guns are making buzz online. Here are some important things you need to learn about why massage guns should be part of every athlete’s recovery toolkit and regimen.

Foremost, massage guns are portable. These handheld devices can be carried anywhere with most using a rechargeable battery. These also come with interchangeable attachments. But beyond the convenience, the best massage gun can give you the following benefits:

The use of a massage gun can target specific areas of the body better than traditional massage. A massage gun offers something deeper than what a massage therapist can do, particularly for hard-to-reach areas including the pectoral muscles in the biceps and chest.

Also referred to as percussion massager, the deeper vibrations from massage guns alleviate pain, reduce muscle soreness, and shorten the recovery period.

It works like deep tissue massage but takes it a notch higher. Deep tissue massage guns come with different massage gun attachments that you can use for hard-to-reach areas or crucial areas. These portable massage guns offer flexibility when it comes to choosing the intensity and movements should you want it gentle or intense.

Massage guns are known to improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation and healthy flow of key nutrients in different body parts mean a healthier body. Nutrients, blood, and oxygen are vital in muscle repair and for the body to function efficiently.

Incorporating massage gun therapy in your recovery kit means access to constant stimulation of the lymphatic nodes. These delicate tubes within the body store the weaponry to fight bacteria, viruses, and other stimuli. Stimulating the lymphatic nodes help properly drain and circulate the lymphatic fluids from tissues to prevent tissues from swelling.

A percussion massage gun that you can readily use after a workout is a lot more convenient compared to going to a massage therapist. You do not have to endure muscle soreness including sore legs while on your way to the massage therapist.

You can spend more time in the gym or doing your routine without worrying about soreness because your massage gun will take care of time anytime the need arises.

Professional athletes have been talking about massage guns as seen online and on TV, so this proves that massage guns are truly beneficial. Instead of painkillers for pain relief, massage guns are a less invasive way to provide comfort after a rigid training and workout.

With the help of a massage gun, you can do DIY massage treatment to the affected area to lessen the stiffness while at the same waiting for your rehab therapy schedule. The proper use of a massage gun contributes to faster recovery by improving muscle relaxation.

Deep tissue massage guns like Yun Mai Massage Gun PB (Pro) aids in flushing out toxins and waste out of the system, which in turn expedites tissue repair. Besides, improved tissue metabolism leads to improved flexibility preventing injuries from happening again. This Ansu Fati recommended percussion massage gun when frequently used while getting back to your routine after recovery can greatly improve the depth of stretch, leading to more joint and muscle flexibility.

Massage guns are a must in every athlete’s recovery toolkit to reduce the risk of an injury or experiencing an injury again. Massage guns are not only used post workout and training but also are effective in warming up the muscles.

Investing a little time doing a pre-workout massage ensures that the muscles are prepared to do strenuous activities. Massage guns can do this by supplying oxygen and enough blood flow to the muscles and connective fibers before starting any physical activity.

Just like deep tissue massage, deep tissue massage guns are effective in breaking up scar tissues. In addition, these portable massage devices have been reported to ease and reduce the pain in scar tissues. That said, massage guns are also recommended for post-surgery scar tissue.

On top of these above-mentioned benefits, massage guns do a good job in overall wellness. Having to deal with daily stressors can be mentally and physically exhausting. Having a YunMai Massage Gun PB (Pro) handy will give you instant access to stress relief.

The proper use of a massage gun and hitting the right spots will help the body release happy hormones. Massage also improves focus, alertness, and cognitive function. Above all, massage promotes the release of melatonin, the chemical responsible for regulating sleep–wake cycles.

Because of improved sleeping habits, a more relaxed mind, and healthy oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow within vital body parts, massage gun therapy boosts overall health and the immune system.

White blood cells and other immunity weaponry are also efficiently distributed within the body, allowing improved immune response during stressful times. This also leads to the whole immune system working efficiently and effectively, promoting faster healing and recovery.

While seeing a good therapist is still a must for professional athletes, a reliable massage gun will aid in better results like hastened recovery.

Equipped with a 60W powerful motor, this deep massage tissue massage gun can reach up to 12mm deep for deep penetrating relief for stiff muscles.

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