A Comprehensive Guide to Yunmai Smart Scales

A Comprehensive Guide to Yunmai Smart Scales

Perhaps one of the few benefits of the pandemic is that many people have come to realize the importance of taking care of one’s health and achieving one’s fitness goals. This is why there’s a huge trend toward health and wellness products these days including weighing scales that help you keep track of your weight at home and encourage you to stick to your fitness routine.

But even these weighing scales have evolved over the years. In fact, you now have smart scales that don’t only tell you how much you weigh but also measure your Body Mass Index (BMI), muscle rate, body fat, bone mass, fitness age, and body water.

And if you’re wondering what the best smart scale brand is, it has to be the Yunmai Smart Scale, a series of smart weighing scales that are definitely worth your investment.

What is the Yunmai Smart Scale?

The Yunmai Smart Scale is a collection of smart weighing scales that are capable of providing you with accurate information about your body weight and other health indicators. Unlike your typical weight scale, this smart scale can determine your weight, height, muscle tissue, and fat percentage where it transfers the data to your phone.

This gives you accurate information from which you can monitor your progress and make it easier to plan your fitness journey according to what your body really needs.

What are the types of Yunmai Smart Scale?

Being the leading provider of fitness and wellness products, Yunmai has released four versions of the Yunmai Smart Scale, each capable of providing you with highly accurate information about your health and fitness.

Yunmai Smart Scale X

The Yunmai Smart Scale X is a high-quality smart scale that’s capable of measuring over 13 body data including your weight, body fat, BMI, muscle rate, body water, bone mass, fitness age, BMR, protein, visceral fat, fat/%, fat/kg and FMI using Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

Every detail of this smart scale was well thought out to provide you with comfort, convenience, and safety. For one, you’ll see that it has smooth rounded corners and a glass top plate that protects you from any sharp edges.

It also measures data through four stainless steel electrodes that work accurately to provide you with precise information, and you can easily convert measurements from kilograms to pounds and vice versa within just a few seconds.

It also has a 2.93” HD LED display where you can see measurements clearly even while standing, and you can sync the smart scale with the Yunmai app on your phone or even with Samsung Health, which makes it easier to track your data.

Yunmai Smart Scale 3

Another revolutionary scale from Yunmai is the Smart Scale 3, which is also capable of measuring full-body data based on 13 metrics and can record information within just 3 seconds because of its smart sensor.

This technology features eight measuring diodes unlike the usual 4-weight G- and E-type sensors that you’ll see on most smart scales that don’t offer the most accurate data.

The Yunmai Smart Scale 3 also uses high-precision BIA chip technology that adds to the scale’s precision in recording body information, which will be sent to your smartphone for easier record keeping.

Download the Yunmai app and you can keep track of your entire family’s information and set your own health goals, so you can live a better life.

Yunmai Smart Scale S

One of Yunmai’s latest releases is the Yunmai Smart Scale S, which has the same 13-body data capability as its predecessors. But if you’re looking for something more stylish, you’ll love the different colors of this scale to match your home and personality.

The Yunmai Smart Scale S is also designed to perform for a long time. With just a 2-hour single charge, this smart scale can already last you for 180 days, which saves a lot of energy even if you and the entire family are using the scale every day.

You’ll also notice that this model has 30% less thickness at just 20mm, so it’s easier to store and use anywhere.

It's also equipped with the same BIA chip technology from the Smart Scale 3 that can measure and analyze data within just a few seconds and compare it with your existing data, so it’s easier to see your progress. Of course, you can sync the smart scale with the Yunmai app for easy offline management of your data.

Yunmai Smart Scale Pro

The latest and most advanced among the Yunmai Smart Scale series, the Smart Scale Pro is considered your go-to health manager at home. It still has the same capabilities as its predecessors when it comes to measuring 13 body data using the BIA chip technology, but it has upgraded to a conductive ITO-coated hidden LED display that makes the smart scale look sleek and modern.

It also features a thinner look and a chic black color that can easily blend in well with the rest of your bathroom or bedroom.

The Yunmai Smart Scale Pro can also last for up to 180 days on just a single 2-hour charge using an International Standard Micro USB port that ensures long battery life. This also makes it easier for you to charge the scale everywhere you go, so you can still keep track of your weight even if you’re on the road.

But what really makes the Pro unique is its capability to identify each family member and track information automatically to each profile. This means that you can use the scale as a family and not have to worry that your data will be interchanged.


If you’re looking to invest in a smart scale that does everything for you in terms of gathering body data and one that can last you for many years, the Yunmai Smart Scale series is definitely a good choice. Check out these products and learn more about them today.

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