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The rising fitness equipment brand - Yunmai, with is ambassador Ansu Fati, a renown ed football player in Barcelona, known as “Star of Tomorrow” to be Yunmai’s global brand ambassador for its owned massage gun products.

Wyatt Wang, the founder & CEO of Yunmai claimed that - as an athlete, Ansu Fatis tag of young, professional, and his tenacity highly matches Yunmai’s brand image. It is the mutual approval between Yunmai and Ansu Fati to reach the endorsement. That could be a significant step for Yunmai’s long-lasting brand image output for its globalization strategy.

In the field of professional sports, Yunmai has provided a wide range of wellness recovery products and services for athletes for a long time. As a loyal user of Yunmai, Ansu Fati has insistently used Yunmai massage guns to relax his muscles for instant recovery after routing training and games. Compared to normal massage guns on the market, Yunmai massage guns are positioned as professional wellness equipments that feature a high-power motor while last over 80 days of usage with low noise in addition.

Moreover, Yunmai massage gun had received the Red Dot Award for Industrial Design in 2020. Business insider says Yunmai will release a new massage gun – Cosy Care, which is an all-new designed product full of innovation in both appearance and function.

Currently, Yunmai has three major product lines - BMI scale, massage gun, and sporting equipment for professional athletes. The company not just makes impressive achievements on products design, but also represents a healthy lifestyle to upgrade the smart health concept that stays in more and more users’ minds.

As a series of international games like the European Football Championships, Olympic Games comes in 2021, people’s enthusiasm for sports would be inspired tremendously. By means of Ansu Fati signed as the firm’s brand ambassador, it will bring consistent exposure and greater brand awareness for Yunmai Technology on a global scale. The general public impression towards Yunmai is supposed to have a remarkable enhancement in the near future.

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