How To Use Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale?

How To Use Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale?

As technology develops, it provides terrific advantages to us; together with the continuous growth of technology across the globe, Yunmai presents different technologies that will help simplify your workout without compromising its benefits and outputs.

Yunmai’s innovative and technology-based sports and fitness brand is designed to improve the process of any workout that we’ve been doing. One of their beautiful creations is the Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale.

If you are a person who cares a lot about your fitness and wellness, hang on as we tell you how you are going to use the Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale and how this product will benefit your fitness journey.

How does it work?

Yunmai has three varieties of Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scales; these are Yunmai S, Yunmai X, and Yunmai Pro. Each model offers outstanding features, such as:

  • 180-Days Endurance
  • Automatic Offline Management
  • Compact size
  • Rechargeable battery, a charge can last up to 6 months

But how does it work? Like a regular scale, you will stand on top of the unit and tell yourself your weight. But unlike the ordinary scales, it can sync with the Yunmai App through Bluetooth and records the results of up to 16 users. Once you provide your height, it can also calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI. Some smart scales require an internet connection, but others use Bluetooth to send information to your smartphone. Some smart scale manufacturers also have smartphone applications where you can connect your smart scale and provide you with various information about your health and wellness status, just like the Yunmai smart scales.

Smart scales estimate body composition with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or BIA. Smart scales measure BIA through two electrodes that send a painless electrical current that enters your feet. It is essential to take off your shoes and socks before using a smart scale. Body composition will then be computed by how the electric pulse travels through your body. The electrodes that smart scales release are safe for both children and adults, but if you have a pacemaker or other devices in your system, BIA could interfere. It is safe and recommended to avoid using smart scales if you have one of these devices within your body.

 Since the HD LED screen on the Yunmai smart scales can only display your weight, installing the Yunmai App through our website is recommended to unlock all 13 statistics of body data. The 13 statistics of body data will help you understand your wellness status by giving you a total score on weight, fat in kilograms and percentage, BMI, muscle, FMI, bone mass, water, BMR, protein, body age, and FFM.

How does it help?

Since smart scales provide more comprehensive data about your health status, they will help you ensure that your health and wellness are in the right shape. It will allow you to plan a workout routine and diet that is more suitable for your health status. It will also inform you how well you’ve been doing with your current workout routine and diet, motivating you to continue improving your health and staying fit.


Smart scales are one of the most incredible technological advancements we enjoy nowadays. It provides us the assurance we need whenever we feel like our health is declining. It also helps us sustain and maintain our fitness by giving us comprehensive information about our health. In addition to that, Yunmai also has a smartphone application that offers convenience whenever we are checking our wellness status.

Yunmai Bluetooth intelligent body fat scale will help you live a healthy and comfortable life by providing state-of-the-art technology that will help us develop a perfect lifestyle for us.


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