How to Use a Massage Gun

How to Use a Massage Gun

We often hear that massage gun helps us relieve our muscle soreness and stiffness when used correctly. But what is the proper way of operating a massage gun?

In this article, we will assist you with how to use a massage gun and relieve your sore and stiff muscles. Hold on tight as we elaborate on what is a massage gun and how to use it appropriately.

What is a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are handheld devices that produce vibration and deep oscillation to massage and help relax irritated muscles. Yunmai offers a variety of massage guns that you can choose from. Their massage guns have various promising features that depend upon the unit you are going to buy.

How Does a Massage Gun Works?

We often hear how great a massage gun is, but it doesn’t avoid people asking how does it work? Massage guns work by repeatedly applying bursts of pressure into your muscles in a rapid up and down motion. It is also described as a mini jackhammer, delivering percussive also known as vibration therapy.

A massage gun can also effectively work over a large muscle group, loosens tight tissues, increase blood flow, and ease pain and soreness.

How to Use a Massage Gun?

Now, that you already know how a massage gun works, let us delve into how to use one. There are 4 simple points that you need to know when operating a massage gun.

Turn on the device

Most massage guns have single button use, which usually turns the device on by long-pressing the said button. Once you have successfully turned on the massage gun, you’ll hear a whirring sound. Make sure that you attached your preferred massage gun head before turning it on so that you don’t have to turn it off again just to reattach a different head.

Choose your desired intensity

After turning on your device the next thing you’ll do is to choose your desired intensity. This may also depend on the soreness and stiffness of your muscle and how hard would you like the pressure to be applied to your muscle.

Point the head at the muscle you want to massage

Once you’re done choosing the level of intensity you would like to apply to your body, the next thing you’ll do is to point the head of the massage gun at the muscle you want to massage. This will provide a focused target on the massage gun, allowing you to loosen the tight tissues in your body.

Move the head along the muscle

Of course, don’t forget to move the head along the muscle. It will provide an equally distributed amount of pressure on the muscle you are targeting, letting you achieve a beautiful result.


If you are planning to use your massage gun after your workout session, it is most likely to help you with relaxing your tensed muscles. Since your body is in a heightened condition after a workout, targeting the tensed muscles and massaging them for about 1-2 minutes will greatly help ease your sore muscle. Aim for the belly of the muscle and avoid joints and bones when doing so.

Aside from that, massage guns can also relieve muscle aches in your neck and shoulders. When massaging this part of your body it is important to know which areas your massage gun should touch. Keep in mind that you should never massage the front part of your neck instead target the muscles located at the side and back of your neck, such as the Trapezius muscles, Levator Scapulae, and Sternocleidomastoid.

Yunmai massage guns also include four matching massage heads suitable for different body areas. These massage gun attachments have a unique honeycomb internal structure that provides protection that will reduce bone damage. These heads are:

  • Round head that is suitable for massaging your back, arms, thighs, calves, and other parts of your body with a large muscle group
  • The U-shaped head is perfect for massaging your neck and sides of the spine. It also perfectly suits the Achilles tendon.
  • A bullet head is made to impact deep tissues like meridians, joints, palms, and soles.
  • A flat head is best for relaxation and shaping various muscle parts.

How Not to Use a Massage Gun?

Massage guns provide a whole new level of stress relief, especially with our sore and irritated muscles, but there are also things that you must avoid when using them. Although it might be tempting, try your very best to avoid using a massage gun with these areas of your body;

  • Greater Trochanter
  • Kidneys
  • Biceps Tendon
  • First Rib
  • Spine

These areas of our body are sensitive, putting too much pressure or even a small accident can lead to great damage and injury. Avoiding the usage of a massage gun in these areas will ensure safety and save you from any possible injuries that may occur with a massage gun.


Yunmai Massage Gun Slim Elegant will provide you with the pain relief you’ve been looking for. It is undeniable that massage guns offer convenience specifically in relieving our muscle pains. But we must also keep in mind to be cautious when using one to avoid further injuries and damage to our body. After all your health and wellbeing must be your main priority.

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