How To Give a Massage for Beginners?

We often enjoy massages as it helps us feel relaxed and relieved from stressful and tiring day. But there are times that we cannot visit a spa or book a masseuse, so we tend to ask one of our closest friends or relatives to give us massages. Sometimes we tend to massage ourselves when no one can do it.

You might be wondering, “how do I give a massage if I don’t know anything about it?” Well, you’re in luck! Because in this article, we will teach you simple tips on how to give a massage as a beginner. Tag along and start learning how to give a massage; you might need it yourself!


Focus on massaging the muscle

The first thing you must know about massaging is that massages should tend to the muscles. When massaging yourself or someone, your massage strokes should be deep and hard enough to reach the powers of the person you are massaging. Since muscles are prone to getting sore and stiff and are caused by stress, or injury, tending the muscles will allow the massage to penetrate and break up the scar tissues.

In addition to this, you can lie on your back, with legs uncrossed and arms relaxed at your sides, then focus on your breathing for about two minutes until you start to feel relaxed. You are letting your body relax before a massage helps your muscles rest. You can also use different massage gun heads to help other parts of your body relax.

Learning the massaging strokes

Another aspect you must learn before giving a massage is the massaging strokes. Five types of Swedish techniques encourage circulation and softening of connective tissues. These Swedish techniques are effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, and vibration. 

You can also use Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic, which provides three different speed modes: Muscle Activation, Fascia Relaxation, and Deep Massage. 

Apply enough pressure

Massage is not just about the touch; it is also about the pressure you are applying. You must make sure that you are using enough force to reach the muscle when giving massages. When the pressure is too soft, it might not tend the muscles you are complaining about and won’t relieve the pain you are feeling. On the other hand, if the pressure is too hard, it may injure the sore muscles and cause more pain.

Massage in a soothing place

Massage is known to provide relaxation and helps us release stress. One factor affecting massages is the place where you have the massage. Look for a relaxing place, and this will help set the atmosphere and provide a sense of peace to the person receiving the massage.

Massage slowly

Lastly, massage slowly. Keep in mind that massages should not be rushed; they should be cherished and felt. Take your time applying pressure and relaxing different sore and stiff muscles. Since massage is another outlet where we let loose our stresses, people desire and are willing to stay longer.

You can try out different massage guns if you are giving yourself a massage. Yunmai currently has four varieties of massage guns that you can try out, and one of them is Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic, which possesses terrific features that will help you feel relaxed and relieve sore muscles.

Now that you know some tips on how to provide a massage as a beginner, go and try them out on your loved ones!




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