Can Massage Gun Be Used for Muscle Growth?

Can Massage Gun Be Used for Muscle Growth?

Massage guns have been gaining the spotlight it deserves more than ever. It has become so popular that other than professional athletes, even Celebrities and fitness influencers have been using it and admiring all the benefits it can provide.
Well, who wouldn’t? Massage guns help to increase blood flow, improve range of motion, reduce pain, and release tension which supports better warm-ups and speedy recovery after strenuous workouts.

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a portable handheld massage device that looks similar to a power drill gun and even sounds like one most of the time.
It is a tool used for percussive massage treatment and vibration therapy- a kind of massage therapy that requires vibration to force muscles to contract reflexively. Massage guns are commonly wireless, rechargeable (or battery rechargeable), and come with interchangeable attachments for every self-massage need.
There are hundreds of massage guns available in the market today so, you want to make sure you get the best and the highest-quality massage gun out there. If you unintentionally bought and used a low-quality massage gun because it is cheaper than the others, using it might not provide the perfect vibration and rapid burst of force that your muscle tissue needs, it could even lead to further damage to the tissue.
With hundreds of choices and a pile of recommendation articles to read- finding the perfect massage gun for your needs might be impossible but don’t worry, there will always be the one for you. So, what’s the best Massage Gun you should use? The Yunmai massage gun.

When to use a Massage Gun

There is no specific time on the clock when you should use your Massage gun. But these are the following times you might want to turn on and massage your muscles using your high-quality massage gun from Yunmai.
  • Before Work Out
  • During Work Out
  • After Work Out
  • Anytime in the day whenever you want to relax (for back pain caused by doing work all day)

How to use a Massage Gun?

Having a Massage Gun and knowing how to turn it on doesn’t mean you can immediately start doing percussive massage treatment on your own without enough knowledge on how to properly do it. Knowing how to properly use a Massage gun is very vital in massage therapy as doing it wrong can cause larger damage to the muscle tissue instead of helping it recover quicker. Some articles say that there is no correct specific way to use a hand-held massage gun, it is somehow true but there are better ways to use it rather than simply massaging it all over your body.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a Massage Gun properly:

  1. Turn on the Massage Gun
  1. Identify the Area of Tension
  1. Choose the appropriate intensity (Preferably low and slow)
  1. Point the massage gun head at the area of tension
  1. Move the device with the proper motion
For our beginner users out there, don’t worry! There are a lot of Massage Gun exercise tutorial videos on the internet that you can use as a guide in your massage gun journey. Plus, if you are on a budget, you can hire a professional to teach you personally how to get the best of your massage gun.

Massage Guns for Muscle Growth

It is good to have big muscles in our life, it can make us stronger and overall gives us good health. It can even make us look good physically and give us a confidence boost. But growing muscle might not be easy for everyone. Even if they put the time and effort into lifting weights and doing diets, it’s not enough that is why many athletes, professional trainers, and gymgoers recommend trying out a massage gun.
Massage gun has endless benefits and one of them is growing our muscle. It uses a percussive massage, a constant and rapid pressure using vibration. Because of this massage, our muscle has now a way to relax from their stiffness and pain, improving the muscles’ contraction and flexibility. With this, the muscle has no room to grow, and they can endure heavier weights meaning that your muscle can now grow faster, and more efficiently.
Other benefits of a massage gun help our muscles to heal and relieve the pain from any workout we have done, meaning you have extra time to pump those weights in and even challenge yourself to a heavier weight. Overall, a massage gun is useful and can make your goal of growing muscle faster!

How Do Massage Guns Help Build Muscle?

Building muscle can be a good goal or dream for people who regularly goes to the gym. This can be good also for the kind of sports you are passionate about. It can help you be bigger and stronger. Regular workouts, intense muscle training, and sticking to your diet are good ways to build up your muscle. But in doing so you will experience muscle pain or muscle fatigue, which can make your muscle tissue lose the gains from your workout. So, to prevent this, we recommend using a massage gun.
A massage gun uses percussive therapy which helps relax the muscle and relieve the pain, preventing you from getting myofascial, which means sensitive tight muscle fibers. In doing so the muscle fibers in your muscle will loosen up, which helps your muscle recover which then will build muscle tissue, and it also helps in the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients which will supplement your muscle. This handheld massager will also help your muscle to recover faster, giving you more time to go to the gym and the capability to lift heavier weights. Overall, this benefit brought by the best back massage will improve the way you build your muscles.

Why Yunmai

As I mentioned earlier, the best massage gun to use during this time is the product by the one and only Yunmai. Why? Yunmai specializes in creating tools and devices that are more advanced than any other else in the industry. Here at Yunmai, we create innovative and technology-based sports and fitness tools to enhance and simplify your workout. Our products have been featured and widely recommended by more than thirty world-leading media such as Forbes, Wired, etc. Other than that, our products are also highly recommended by Professional athletes from all over the world.
One of the best products that we developed is our different variations of High-Quality Massage Guns which are one of the top Massage Guns on the Market. Yunmai offers different variation of Massage Guns that includes:
  • Massage Gun SE (Prime)
  • Massage Gun CosyCare (Mini)
  • Massage Gun PB(Pro)
  • Massage Gun SlimChic

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