Athletes' Reviews for Yunmai Massage Gun in their Recovery Journey

Athletes' Reviews for Yunmai Massage Gun in their Recovery Journey


Massage guns are now becoming the go-to tool for athletes and fitness buffs alike these days. These handy massage guns not only provide pain relief to sore and stretched muscles and fibers but also help improve circulation. These compact massagers are conveniently packed with multiple benefits including comfort after tough workouts.

But the massage gun market is now filled with different brands and models. The saturated market makes it difficult to choose which one’s worth investing in. And with so many options available, one is prone to fall into false promises.

As the massage gun market continues to develop more sophisticated models, here are professional athletes’ reviews for Yunmai massage guns. Professional soccer, badminton, basketball, and baseball players, IFBB athlete, professional boxer, and kickboxer, simply love Yunmai massage guns.

Viktor Axelsen

Professional Badminton player

Viktor is a Danish professional badminton player; 2x Olympic medalist, 17x BMF World Tour medalist, and currently the World No.1 Badminton player (MS) uses Yunmai Massage Gun ProBasic for his pre-workout and post-workout sessions.

“Every single week I work a lot of hours and I know that in order for me to have optimal performance, pre-workout, and post-workout recovery is extremely important.

To keep my training session challenging, it is essential to have high-quality muscle massage guns and relaxation gadgets at my disposal. Yunmai Massage Gun Probasic features 3 speeds and runs in 3,200 revolutions per minute offering up to 12mm deep tissue massage, ideal for professional athletes.”

The four heads or massage gun attachments are designed to effectively work on different muscle groups for pain relief. Based on his statement, he liked the skin-friendly silica gel used for the massage heads to relieve tightness and soreness throughout his body and helps aid in faster recovery.

He further commented on simplifying the workout routine through the aid of the Yunmai massage gun.

Kaillie Humphries

Women Bobsled Legend

Kaillie Humphries is a 4-time Olympic medalist, 5-time World Champion in women’s bobsled, and the first and only woman in Olympic history to have an Olympic gold medal in 2 different countries.

“I go hard in and out of competition and I need a simple and efficient way to warm up my muscles but also help them recover so I can continue to live my best life. I would like to share with you the Yunmai massage gun. It has 3 different settings to choose from.”

She further explained the 3-speed settings, which Speed 3 is ideal for athletes providing deep tissue massage. Kaillie said that whether she is doing a pre-workout routine before lifting or cooling down after competition, the Yunmai massage gun aids in her faster recovery.

Since Yunmai massage guns are designed for transport and portability, they can fit in your workout bag if you would like to use them while at the gym right after a workout or while on the go.

The Yunmai Massage Gun Probasic that Humphries is using boosts 14 hours of battery life allowing you to use it daily or regularly pre and post-workout without constantly recharging. This Ansu Fati recommended massage gun comes with 4 massage gun attachments made of skin-friendly materials while providing optimal relief for stretched and overworked muscles.

Salimou Diaoune

IFBB Pro Athlete

Diaoune recommends the Massage Gun Probasic for pain relief, getting rid of soreness, and faster recovery. With 45 DB, this ensures near silent operation so as not to disrupt conversations or music while working on sore and painful areas. The ProBasic Massage Gun by Yunmai also runs on a lithium battery for longer-lasting use without constant recharging. As seen in videos, the massage gun is easy to use with powerful features that are too hard to ignore.

Dos Santos

Professional Kickboxer

The Ring Warriors and Gandia Cup champion is seen using the Yunmai Massage Gun SC featuring a one-button control and ergonomic handle for a comfortable and firm grip. The professional boxer utilizes the Yunmai massage gun so he can train harder without the worries of recovering.

The powerful Yunmai massage provides 4 soft massage heads made of food-grade silicon material to be skin-friendly while at the same time providing relief for each body part’s own requirements.

Kickboxing incorporates boxing, a lot of kicking, and stretching that can overwork the muscles. Kickboxing workouts are intense that could tear, swell, or exhaust the muscles.

The round head attachment is best for massaging the thighs, arms, and calves while the U-shaped head is good for massaging the Achilles tendon.

Meanwhile, the bullet head is suitable for joints, palms, and deep tissues while the flat head is recommended for relaxation. With the Yunmai massage gun, Dos Santos can train harder because painful and stressed muscles are relieved in time.

Dylan Cumming

Professional Baseball player

Dylan Cumming, recommends Yunmai Massage Gun SC as one of the best massage guns he has ever tried. He liked the 3 settings with the wisest range of power. With him holding the pitcher position, he easily gets sore and tired, he uses the gun on his shoulders, triceps, and on everything to recover faster.

Cumming further commented that anyone considering getting a massage gun in the future should make Yunmai massage guns the top choice. In addition, the professional baseball player assured athletes and workout buffs alike that getting Yunmai Massage Gun is worth it, something that you will never regret. When it comes to massage guns, Yunmai is the brand.

Massage guns are not cheap. Best-performing massage guns can cost several hundred dollars. That said, it is best to take advantage of online reviews from real users: professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, fitness coaches, and non-athlete users to make sure you are making the right choice.

Aside from reading online reviews, also consider the size for comfort and grip. If you want a massage gun that you can carry anywhere, Yunmai massage guns are wisely designed with a focus on power and size making them ideal should you need relief while on the go.




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