• Forbes

    “Yunmai 2 Smart Scale Review: Making Me Realize I Need To Cut Down On Carbs And Sugar.”

  • Wired

    “They're firm, but coated with a soft silicone that just feels nice against your skin. Other guns are either rigid plastic or a soft foam.”

  • Cnet

    “ This is an interesting product for a number of reasons. For starters, it measures not only your weight (natch), but also your body fat, BMI, hydration and numerous other body stats. ”

  • Gadgetflow

    “ Treat yourself to a professional massage anywhere.”

  • Mashable

    “ Open the app, and you'll see even more data measured. ”

  • Purewow

    “ Targeting the sweet spot in the market between weekend warriors and pro athletes.”

  • Trendhunter

    “ The Yunmai Slim Elegant is a massage gun that targets specific muscle groups to relieve tightness and pain after all levels of exercise. ”

  • Gadgeteer

    “A great portable massage gun that allows anyone to relax their muscles after a workout or a hard day at work.”

  • Gc

    “ The high-performance massage gun sports a space-saving slimline T-shaped design and five-gear intelligent dual modes.”

  • Forbes

    “ YUNMAI 2は目覚ましアラームやアプリを通じたゴール設定機能にも対応。データの管理は複数人に対応するため、家族全員の数値を記録することも可能だ。”

  • Compradiccion

    “ Esto nos permitirá evitar, por ejemplo, las agujetas ya que relajará los músculos tras el entrenamiento. Además, lo hará sin demasiadas molestias.”

  • Athletics Weekly
    Athletics Weekly

    “ This super-compact design massage gun is one of the smallest around yet it still delivers in terms of power.”

  • Gadgets & wearables
    Gadgets & wearables

    “ The company tries to show you what exactly you need to do to improve your health. ”

  • Men's Health
    Men's Health

    “This is one of the more stylish bathroom scales, thanks to its sleek, glass finish and backlit LCD porthole display to its full-surface sensor integration.”

  • Cnbc

    “ Aplikasi tersebut biasanya akan membantu Anda untuk menghitung kalori yang dibutuhkan dan yang masuk ke dalam tubuh dari makanan yang dikonsumsi. ”